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Lawn Renewal Patch Magic

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S5292 Lawn renewal Magic Patch - KB
Plastic container of 1.5Kg. Up to 8 m².
19.95 Unavailable


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Lawn Renewal Patch Magic - KB

Un mélange 3 en 1 prêt à l'emploi pour réparer la pelouse: semences + engrais + support de culture !
The easiest way to repair your lawn: Sow, water, and it is repaired!
Quick coming up in only 5 days (in the optimum conditions of use)
Results 50% more dense when compared with sowing done using only seeds.

1- An exclusive vegetal support that quadruples its volume in a few seconds and allows the lawn to grow anywhere*.
2- A seed selected for its rapid and durable installation.
3- A coated fertilizer specially made for lawns.
* Follow the conditions mentioned on the packaging.

Growing Culture NF-U 44-551: Growing culture containing fertilizer: Coconut fibre, seeds (Ray grass).
Fertilizer NF U 42-001: Fertilizer (38-0-0)
Contents: Plastic container of 1.5Kg.

Covered area: Up to 8 m² of lawn.

Period of use:
Ideal usage period

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