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'Guernsey' Parsnip

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Parsnip - Pastinaca sativa (latin)

This parsnip has a beautiful root, long and swollen, voluminous and neat, with a tapered top. This is an extremely productive variety, hardy and of good quality. To be grown preferably in deep soils.

Type of soil: Rich and well dug.
Sowing time: From February to June.
Harvest time: From July to November
Site: Full sun.

Sow directly in the ground:
- Either in 2cm deep furrows or broadcast. Water copiously.
- To encourage germination the seeds can be forced using a cloche.
- Once they are through thin them out so that there is only one plant every 15 to 20cm.

- Regular watering and a good mulching is enough.
- When harvesting be careful not to damage the roots.
- Parsnips can spend the winter in the ground without any problem.
-Grated in salad, finely sliced and fried as an accompaniment, or as a mash mixed with potatoes…you will be surprised, with what you can do with these root vegetables!

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