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Growcamp - Wall Raised Vegetable Plot - 180 cm

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S1061 Wall Raised Vegetable Plot Growcamp
Dimensions : 120 x 62 cm - height 180 cm
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Wall Raised Vegetable Plot Growcamp

The raised vegetable plot Growcamp is equipped with a protecting net and a plastic covering sheet. It is ideal for growing vegetables and greenhouse plants. The fact that it is raised, allows you to work properly and without tiring yourself, regardless of age...

In the raised vegetable plot, the soil is looser (as non- compacted) and keeps its humidity which encourages the development of earth worms and essential micro-organisms which contribute to the preservation of the good structure of the soil for years to come.

The plant's roots develop downwards more easily, as opposed to sideways, thus allowing you to get the plants closer together and increase your harvest.

Opened at the top, your vegetable plot will get rid of excess water more easily.

Dimensions and materials:

- The basic growcamp module measures 120 x 62 cm.
- The structural base measures 30 cm in height
- The upper framework clicks on and locks in place

Total height: 180 cm.

The Growcamp wall station is equiped with a plastic sheet at the back to protect your wall.
The Growcamp wall station does not need to be fixed to the wall.

The profiles, in rigid plastic are 25 mm thick and treated against UV and resist bad weather conditions.
Of a robust construction, the structure is able to resist violent winds.

Accessories for Wall Raised Vegetable Plot

Galvanised steel planter Suitable for use with the wall raised vegetable plot GrowCamp

Galvanised steel planter 80L: GrowCamp's soil Galvanised steel planters are intended for the cultivation of most vegetables and flowers.
Dimensions: 120 cm x 56 cm
Depth: 15 cm
Capacity: 80 Litres

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