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'Gros Long d'Eté' Summer Leek

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'Gros Long d'Eté' Summer Leek - Allium porrum (latin)

Variety that has a long white stem and pale green foliage. It grows quickly. Sensitive to frost, this variety is more suited to early harvests, preferably in Southern France.

Type of soil: Rich and well dug.
Sowing time: From February to May.
Harvest time: 2 to 3 months after planting and in to winter.
Site: Full sun.

Sow in pots:
- Sowing in pots or seed trays, place a seed approximately every 3cm.
- Water regularly and keep them in a temperature of at least 15°C.

- Once the plants are the size of a pencil cut the roots to 2cm long and the leaves to 5cm.
- Plant them in a line with a plant every 15cm: with the help of a dibber or a stick make a hole that is deep enough. Put the young plant in it so that the leaves are just protruding. Firm the earth around the plants and water copiously.

- Water regularly and mulch the ground around.
- Draw soil up around the stems to increase the blanched section.
- Harvest as and when needed.
- Leeks can over winter in the ground if it is well mulched or kept in loose soil to make harvesting easier.

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