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Gift Token, Plants

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Plants Gift Token

Share happiness!
Offer a Planfor Gift Token !

Offer plants and give life to your gift!

Order a Gift Token online:
1. Select one or several Certificates of the required amount: 10€, 20€, 50€, 100€.
2. Confirm your order and proceed to its payment.

Then, you will receive by email your gift tokens in two formats.
- E-Check format;
- Folding Gift token format.

Gift tokens are also available in your Customer Account under the 'My Orders' tab, in the 'Possible Actions' section.

Using a Planfor gift token is simple
1. Place your order on line.
2. When asked to choose a method of payment, click on 'gift token' and enter the activation code number shown on your gift token in the box.
3. If there is a balance to pay, you can pay with your 'Carte Bleu', or credit card.

What if I have more than one gift token?:
When you have entered your first gift token code number and it has been validated, a second code number box will appear which allows you to enter a subsequent gift token code number. You can continue in this way until all your gift token code numbers have been entered.

What if the amount of my order is less than the value of my gift token:
You can either choose to confirm your order or continue shopping until you have reached the total gift token amount. If you confirm an order for less than the gift token amount, the excess will be lost and cannot be claimed back at a later date.

Can I use my gift token more than once:
No; once the code number on the gift token has been entered, it is no longer valid, so the gift token cannot be used again.

How do I pay the balance of my order:
Only payment by credit card or Carte Bleu is accepted on line.

What do I do if the activation code shown on my gift token is not accepted:
Contact Planfor either by the method shown on your gift token, or by calling 0033 558 759 080.

Can I give my gift token to somebody else:
Yes; gift tokens are not nominative, this means that you can pass them on to anybody you choose to. The beneficiary of gift tokens is entitled to use them as they wish.

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