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Cubico 50 - Red - LECHUZA

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Q0301 Cubico 50 - Red - LECHUZA®
Dimensions : 50 x 50 x H.95 cm
Weight: 17 kg
Reference: 18163
224.90 Dispatched within 10 days


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Cubico 50 - LECHUZA®

A great classic of the contemporary design
The simple, elegant shape of the Cubico from LECHUZA will enhance your indoor space. Your plants will also be highlighted thanks to its chic, stylish look. Available in several glossy shades, there is bound to be one that will be in harmony with your home's décor....
Thanks to its stand being fitted with wheels, the Cubico is movable in all circumstances, even when housing a plant.

The water-reservoir with its sturdy handles facilitates the watering and re-potting of your plants.
Pot made of high quality, unbreakable and U.V- resistant plastic.
The pot is coated with a highly, time-resistant, shiny gloss paint.
Designed for indoors' use.

Complete Kit :

- Inside liner with water reservoir which has sturdy, recessed handles.
- Filling in measuring tube with water gauge
- Planting substrate (made of volcanic rock and slow release fertiliser for an efficiency of up to 1 year).

Advantages of the water-reservoir LECHUZA® :

- No longer the need to water your plants regularly
- Watering is made easy thanks to the measuring tube
- The plants absorb directly the water quantity they need to thrive by capillary action

Dimensions :

Outside dimensions:
- Length / Width at the top of the pot : 50 cm
- Height: 95 cm

Inside dimensions:
- Length / Width : 44 cm
- Height : 32 cm
- Planting volume available: 61 litres
- Water reserve : 14 litres

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