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Chicory seeds - 'Zoom F1' Chicory

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'Zoom F1' Chicory - Cichorium (latin)

This hybrid variety from INRA is vigorous and easy to grow. Forcing can be achieved without a soil cover. The homogenous leafy heads are plump and tightly closed.

Type of soil: Rich and worked deeply.
Sowing time: May to July. The soil must be rather warm to allow quick germination.
Harvest time: Winter.
Site: Full sun.

Sow directly in the ground:
- Trace furrows of at least 1 to 2 cm deep and spaced out 30 cm apart. Sow using a hand sowing drill keeping a good distance between the seeds. Cover up using the soil from the edge and press down lightly. Water using a fine, rain like spray.
- When they have come through, thin out to keep only one seedling every 20cm.
- Why not use the seedlings removed and plant them elsewhere ?

- Hoe and water regularly.
- To make their core whiter, a week before harvesting, place a pot on the Chicory.

Particular case for Endives:
- Remove the endives in October and force them in a cool, dark area, such as a cellar or basement: when lifted, cut the foliage at 2 cm from the root and even up the length of the roots ends.
- Place them in a cool dark place with roots facing up, side by side and cover with fine compost.
- Harvest 3 to 4 weeks later, by breaking them at the root base. Sometimes, as the roots have been left, new Endives will appear.

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