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Celeriac Seeds - 'Giant Prague' Celeriac

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'Giant Prague' Celeriac - Apium graveolens var. rapaceum (latin)

Excellent variety, smooth skin, voluminous and light in colour. Quick growing, for both summer and winter consumption.

Type of soil: Deep, rich and light.
Sowing time: From end of February to May.
Harvest time: October, November, before the first frosts.
Site: Full sun.

Celeriac rave has big roots and few leaves. It can be kept without problems throughout winter.

Sowing takes place under a cold frame from February to March, or directly into the ground from April to May:
- Sow in pots keeping your seed trays at the right temperature. Germination time can be quite long.
- Towards mid- May, you can transplant your young seedlings into the ground, taking care to not bury the tops.
- Seedlings must be planted at least 40cm apart.

- Water regularly and mulch the ground to keep it moist.
- Harvest your celeriac before the first frosts.
- Dry them out for one day on top of the soil, then store them in a cold, moist area after removing all their leaves and rootlets.

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