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Multipurpose garden shed - 10m - Garden Igloo

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Multipurpose garden shed 10m - Garden Igloo

Garden igloo is an original and 'design' concept of a garden shed which offers a true living outdoor space.
It is assembled in approximately 60 minutes, without the need for any tools and has a wind resistance up to 60km/h.

The Garden Igloo, with its transparent cover is a true 'relaxation-bubble'. It provides a pleasant environment to enjoy the outdoors all year round. Non corrosive and waterproof, this multi-purpose shelter is 100% recyclable. Its design offers good ventilation and optimum sun light benefit while ensuring regular temperature thanks to its geodesic dome and its two windows. The Garden Igloo can be used as an outdoor lounge area, a greenhouse, a garden lodge, a children playing area, a shelter for a spa or a Jacuzzi.

The shade-providing canvas and the mosquito net are optional accessories which allow you to transform your Garden Igloo. The waterproof shade-providing canvas opens up your shelter into the outdoors while offering you a little bit of coolness. Thanks to the mosquito net, you will be able to stay in the open air while being protected from flying insects.

Technical Characteristics:

- Assembled in approximately 60 minutes (2 people).
- The white, noncorrosive PVC structure rests on a simple joining system which does not require the use of any tools.
- Anchoring to the ground is done either using weight bags (to fill with sand) or by anchoring clips (to screw to the ground).
- The transparent, soft PVC cover is waterproof.
- It offers a wind-resistance of up to 50-62 km/h winds (strength 7 on the Beaufort scale) after assembly in due form of the ground-fixing kit.
- Snow-resistance up to a maximum load of 40 kg.
- 2 windows.
- Movable.


Diameter: 3,60 m
Maximum Height: 2,20 m
Floor area: 10m
Entrance (Hxl): 1,80 x 0,70 m

Delivered contents:

- Standard PVC structure (supports and connectors)
- Ground-fixing Kit (anchoring clips, weighing down sandbags, screws and plugs)
- Soft, transparent PVC cover
- User guide

Optional available accessories:

- Cream-coloured, shade-providing, polyester canvas
- Polyester Mosquito net (white)
- Spare parts


User guide/installation guide Garden Igloo
Assembly guide for the shade-providing canvas




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