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Miniature scenery Golden Juniper   /   Juniperus x media 'Old Gold' Deco

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Miniature scenery Golden Juniper - Juniperus x media 'Old Gold' (latin)

Outdoors composition
The Golden Juniper is an easy to grow and look after plant, suitable for beginners. Its trunk suits well twisted shapes, highlighting its foliage. This miniature scenery is made using a plant still young, a natural stone and a piece of earthenware. Each composition is hand-made by our garden expert and is therefore unique!

Site: Full sun, to be protected from frost below temperatures of -5°C in winter.
Watering: Regular, let the soil dry out in between two watering. Maintain air humidity.
Foliage: Evergreen.
Fertilizer: You can repot your Juniper every three to four years, at the end of winter, in a well-drained substrate. Keep some of the initial mix to incorporate it in the new soil as it contains mycorrhizas which are essential for good roots development. Do not cut more a third of the roots. If you wish, you can add a stone found during a walk but make sure that you maintain the right balance between the size of the plant and the stone's size.

How to Prune the Bonsai Chinese Juniper:

Maintenance pruning: Pinch regularly the young growth during the growing period. Avoid using scissors as they make the cut branches dry.
Structural pruning: In winter, when the specimen needs reshaping. Cut above a ramification, on brown wood.

Main diseases and deficiencies (or excess):

If the foliage becomes dull, place your Chinese Juniper in the sun, in a ventilated site.
The withering of some branches shows that roots are rotting. Make a change to your watering and repot in a draining substrate.
The Chinese Juniper is sensitive to mealy bugs and aphids' attacks as well as mites.

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