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Japanese Maple Bonsai 'Deshojo' 8 years

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B2001 Japanese Maple Bonsai 'Deshojo' 8 years
Height of plant: 30/40 cm
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Japanese Maple Bonsai 'Deshojo' 8 years - Acer palmatum 'Deshojo' (latin)

Outdoors Bonsai

Site: To be protected from direct sun rays in summer, and to be protected from frost below temperatures of -5°C in winter.
Watering: Regular in spring and in summer, let the soil dry out slightly in between two watering. Maintain a light watering when the Maple tree no longer has leaves.
Foliage: Deciduous.
Fertilizer: Rich in potash, regular supply during the growing period.
Repotting: It has to be done every two years, at the end of winter or at the beginning of spring, in a well-drained substrate.

The Japanese Maple 'Deshojo' is an unavoidable subject in a Bonsai collection, with its palm leaves and its superb, autumnal colours. Easy to look after, it suits beginners. This Bonsai has to be kept outdoors, making sure however to protect it from direct sun rays in the midsummer, and from frost and rain in winter.

How to prune the Japanese Maple 'Deshojo':

Maintenance's pruning: It is done three or four times during the growing period, from March to July. Let the growths get 4 to 6 pairs of leaves and cut them to 1 to 2 pairs of leaves, taking care of selecting an outwards' pointing bud.
Structural pruning: at the end of winter, when the subject needs shape-balancing.
Wiring: from March to July.

Main diseases and deficiencies (or excess):

The leaves can be scorched in a situation of strong heat or exposure to the sun in midsummer.
In the case of nitrogen's excess, the leaves become bigger, and the spaces between buds longer. Prefer a fertilizer poorer in nitrogen.
The Japanese Maple 'Deshojo' is sensitive to aphids' attacks. It is also sensitive to fungus if the substrate is kept permanently wet.

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