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Green Gallery Single - Elho

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M4501 Green Gallery Single - Elho
Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm
29.95 Unavailable


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Green Gallery Single - Elho

Get plants onto your walls with the Green Gallery!

1- Design and trendy
As always and for our biggest pleasure, Elho has chosen uncluttered lines. Green Gallery can be invited on all your inside walls. Surprise your guests, treat yourself!!!

2- Clean and easy
Thanks to its integrated water reserve, watering is simplified and water does not overflow from the pot.

3- Adjustable
For each Green Gallery, Elho supplies 2 frames, one white, the other lime-green. So you can change your interior decoration to suit your wishes.

Uses examples:

Frame Dimensions: 30 x 30cm
Height of the plug: Up to 7 cm
Diameter of the plug: Up to 11 cm

Installation instruction:

- Hook up the support to the wall using 4 screws.
(There is a spirit level on the support to help you to position it correctly).
- Place your plant at the front of the Green Gallery. It is necessary to use a little bit of compost to re-pot the plant perfectly.
- Fix the front on the support previously fixed onto the wall.
- Chose the frame that suits you and place it at the front.
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