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CASCADINO Color - Anthracite - LECHUZA

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A garden within easy reach!
The CASCADINO Color by LECHUZA is a multifunction, planting space. You can use it for growing annual plants, aromatic herbs, strawberries’ plants or small vegetables.

Its originality lies in the possibility of realising plantations in 2 different areas:
- on the sides: thanks to 5 lateral overtures of 9 cm in diameter
- on the top: possibility of growing 1 to 3 plants (growing pots of between 9 and 13 cm of diameter)

The CASCADINO Color offers great possibilities:
on a surface of only 36 cm of diameter, you can plant up to 8 plants per pot. It is therefore a great planting area for a balcony or a terrace.
The bottom of the pot is pre-pierced. You only need to open the draining hole to allow surplus water to flow out automatically.

The integrated watering system will nourish your plants like if they were growing out in nature. All the plants, even the ones grown on the sides will get all the water and nutrients they need during several days.

The CASCADINO Color is also available as a hanging model, in a larger size.

Dimensions :

Outside dimensions:
- Diameter at lateral overtures level: 36 cm
- Bottom of the pot diameter: 21 cm
- Height: 23 cm

Inside dimensions:
- Diameter at the top of the pot: 27 cm
- Height: 16 cm
- Available planting volume: 8 litres
- Available water volume: 2,8 litres

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