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Amigos Premium 75 AI Griddle

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M0031 Amigos Premium 75 AI Griddle
Brand: Spéci
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Amigos Premium 75 AI Griddle

All the pleasure of outdoors cooking !
Become a true professional in making delicious meals with this 75cm wide griddle. Its edges allow you to use the entirety of its cooking surface without any risk.
This 3 in 1 griddle allows you to cook for two people, a family by separating the food to be cooked (meat and fish for example) whilst at the same time saving energy !

PLANFOR likes its large size and its separate areas !

Dimensions: L.800 x l.450 x h. 220
Weight: 25 kg
Griddle plate: L.550 x w.400 and L.250 x w.400, carbon steel
Burner: Stainless steel, power 4.7 Kw
Frame: Stainless steel
Maintenance advice: Never scratch or scrub your griddle, simply clean it after cooking, then wipe it over with a light layer of cooking oil.
Guarantee 1 year - Conforms to EEC

The system of ventilation on the griddle’s body allows non cooking areas to remain cool; the gas pipes are protected by a system known as « cooling box » which allows reasonable temperatures to be maintained.

The griddle is equipped with three wide edges as well as a draining system that ensures that grease and fat never come in contact with the flames thus reducing the risk of any subsequent fire.

Its double stainless steel burner is designed to minimise gas consumption whilst still allowing very high cooking temperatures (250 to 300°C), you will notice its blue flame showing that the gas has been totally burnt.

Its one handed lighting and automatic gas cut off system in case of it going out allows it to be used safely.

Finally the waste liquid draining system is behind the griddle as this is more practical and safer. It is easy and quick to detach and combined with its large capacity allows the recuperation of excess liquids without the risk of spillage.

The anti slip feet make the griddle very stableSes pieds antidérapants confèrent à la plancha une grande stabilité.


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